Nikola Brussels

Tesla dealer

  • Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2016

Our story starts with Wonitrol which was a car body repair center with 6 outlets across Belgium. Besides the obvious focus on quality and service, these outlets were run with rigorous attention for, and heavy investment in, energy efficiency and ecology.

With this mindset, it was really obvious for us that we could only drive electrical cars as well. So back in 2014, we ordered our 4 first Tesla’s. Needless to say we rapidly caught on the Tesla virus.

After becoming the ‘go to’ address for everything related to the brand, we found out there weren’t many people informed like we were. So we started out purchasing 1 model S to resell it and see if there was a market. From one sale came a second, a third and …. the rest is history.

Since then, we have traded hundreds of Tesla’s all over Europe and made great friends in the process. From Finland to Portugal, from the UK to Romania. Over 40% of our sales have always left the Belgian market. Thanks to this fast growth, we could quickly turn our hobby and passion into our jobs.

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