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revamp-it is a registered self-sustaining non-profit organization.

We accept donations of used hardware to put to new use.

What we support..

- Functional recycling of used hardware

- A better use of the energy resources invested in their production

- Access to computer technology for people with little previous knowledge and a limited budget

- Linux operating systems and free Linux applications such as Firefox and LibreOffice

What we offer...

- Repair of defective devices

- Affordable hardware, accessories, supplies and parts

- Installation and configuration of Linux and open-source software

- Workshops for home users and professionals

- Consulting for more complex systems, networks, servers, backup and firewall systems

- Software deployment and design of your web presence

- Web-based solutions for accounting, enterprise resource planning, customer relations management and web shops

- Cloud services for individuals and companies based on the OpenSource software solution Nextcloud

- Development on request

Knowledge and experience

- Events and internships for interested parties

We are happy to receive donations small and large to support our cause.

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Computer repair service

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