• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2017

Satang or Satang Corporation Company Limited is a central private sector with extensive experience in digital asset. The company's founder has originated the global digital currency called Zcoin, cooperated with the government to facilitate digital transaction including exchange and sales, and advised the public regarding secured digital asset transaction.

From the reasons above-mentioned including the long established experience, the thorough understanding of customers'​ needs, and the partnership with the government, Satang Corporation is proud to call itself the most complete and ready service provider in digital asset business. Satang has launched a website as another platform for a thorough, accessible, and convenient digital asset transaction experience for the public under the name Satang.com.

Due to the announcement of the Royal Act in Digital Asset Business 2018 Edition, Satang Corporation Company Limited, as the provider of Satang.com, must comply with the Royal Act. At the same time, the main objective of the company remains to elevate the life quality of the public by transforming the convenient service of digital asset business to daily life through a more facilitated platform.

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