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Simplpost Description

Simplpost is all about creating and managing custom websites and apps. We built a whole new platform from scratch that's focused on content, growth and flexibility.

A complete package

Simplpost includes everything you need to create and grow a website or app. Simplpost comes with a website builder, web hosting, content management system (CMS), email captures, e-commerce, custom forms, domain names, site staging/deployment and awesome support for everything. Simply post as much content as you want. We can customize everything for you.

Secure, backed up and ready for any traffic

Simplpost's unique technology builds sites that lack the vulnerabilities of other systems. So your site is immune from hacking, and there's no hassle of security updates and other nuisances. For extra peace of mind your site is backed up automatically, so there's no worry about losing anything. And the sites are automatically able to load fast and handle any amount of traffic.

Simple pricing and great support

Try Simplpost for free. Our flexible plans start at $9/month. We want to keep your site online forever, and have a sustainable business model to insure it. So you can keep what you love online forever. And you can reach out for help from a real human whenever you need it.

Flexible and powerful options

Build and run a website however you want. Use our system or choose any server or cloud service you like. And it's easy to create your own unique design, or work with a professional. You have full control of your site, and the open source code it generates is portable, and easy to work with. So there's no limits to what your site can do.

Mobile friendly

Simplpost is the only system that gives you a consistent user experience on any device. All the Simplpost sites automatically have a responsive web design, so it looks great on laptops, tablets or phones. And you can edit anything on any device just as easily.

Who are we?

We built everything you see here in Philly (and took all the photos around here too). And we took all the photos around here too. Michael Riley developed the original version of Simplpost in 2012 to give artists control of their online presence. A new leadership team now leads the growth of Simplpost. And a team of programmers and designers including Namanyay Goel, Guillermo Urias, Hua Shu and Dana Astvatsaturova are working to make Simplpost even better.

Who uses Simplpost?

Thousands of companies, individuals and organizations now rely on Simplpost for their websites and apps. We have a wide range of customers, from visual artists to software companies and many non-profits. Our customers use Simplpost for their websites, for managing their fleet of vehicles, scheduling employees, social media and much more.

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