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Let's say you run a dark web ebook market. The ebooks are full of illegal wrongthink. You're on the run from the Feds and want this market to stay online no matter what. You design it to be self-healing and ephemeral, where your servers buy new ones when they detect their peers have been taken down. They get purchased from funds in the Monero wallet that customers pay into. The servers themselves are torified and don't know where they are. You can do that with SporeStack. You probably won't know how to and maybe only a thousand people in the country could pull it off, but it's doable.

Or maybe you start a masternode hosting service and you configure the masternodes, but you want customers to pay for the servers themselves. You don't want to pay out of your own wallet. You can use SporeStack.

Or maybe you want to spin up servers to run tests as part of your continuous integration. Or even, when you deploy code you get new servers to phase out the old ones. No upgrading, only replacement.

Maybe you just want a server for a day, a month, whatever, and you don't mind that it's not the cheapest option. You feel happier knowing that a potato eating man was paid in the process of you renting a VPS.

SporeStack was started as a side project in January of 2017 by Teran McKinney. No longer just a side project, SporeStack LLC is a Texas Corporation, formed in July of 2018.

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SporeStack was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on May2020. Looking for other Web hosting where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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