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Benefits of a Seedbox

Need extreme upload bandwidth for your torrents? An always-on machine that meets your various tracker ratio obligations while leaving your home machine free for other online activities? Are you a victim of traffic shaping? Are you a content producer who wants to keep distribution bandwidth costs to a minimum? Or are you a hardcore file sharer stuck with an anti P2P service provider, or maybe you're at university?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you would benefit from a seedbox.

With a seedbox, you don’t even need to use a BitTorrent client on your home computer – your worries about the RIAA or MPAA spying on you are over. No more DMCA notices or warning letters from your ISP – and more importantly, no lawsuit letters will be coming either. Not only is your BitTorrent traffic moved from your home PC to the seedbox, but with a VPN connection you can route all you Internet traffic through your seedbox via an encrypted channel.

Each dedicated seedbox comes loaded with features including; a media streaming platform for allowing you to play music or watch movies through your web browser direct from your seedbox. VNC gives you remote desktop capabilities allowing you to use your seedbox as if you were sitting in front of it, with web browser, video encoders, office applications and more.

Because of the mentioned high speeds, seedboxes tend to be popular inside private torrent trackers, where maintaining an upload/download ratio above 1 can be very important. Each of our seedboxes is capable of both uploading and downloading over 10TB of data every day. To put that in other terms they are able to upload and download over 14000 movies or 85000 albums every single day.

On private trackers the faster you download the torrent after uploading the better. With this in mind torrent downloading can be fully automated through RSS feeds or through the trackers IRC announce channel. Never miss out again because you were away from your PC, let your seedbox download the content for you instantly after it is posted. With advanced filtering options you can pick and choose what content is automatically downloaded and in what format, and with the option of emailing you when your content has been added to your seedbox you really can leave the guesswork on pre times as a thing of the past.

So not only does SuperSeedbox.co.uk offer all of the above features and benefits, but we also give you the opportunity to earn money, just by referring people to our website. For every new customer that you send to us we'll give you 10% of what they spend back every month.

Seedboxes are a fast, safe and convenient method of content distribution without the need for any previous experience with setting up servers, or configuring remote BitTorrent clients.

SuperSeedbox.co.uk is a proven and reliable service for the seedbox user. The products can be tailored to individual user's needs and financial situations.

Peace of mind, speed, security and anonymity are all offered for a low monthly fee.

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