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Our family business story

It all started about 40 years ago. In the fifties, sixties and seventies, the Sayaguesa cattle not only dominated the Sayago county, but it could also be easily found in other parts of the province of Zamora: the cows of Sayaguesa breed are known to be very "rustic" and resistant and so they were very appreciated as working animals when the modern agriculture machines weren't yet available. There were at least 22000 head of Sdxcxayaguesa cattle back then.

You wouldn't find other cattle in Sayago. Each family would have 5 or 5 cows, sometimes even 8, that were used mainly as draft animals.

That's how we started, too. The grandfather had 5 or 6 cows and since very young age the Pordomingo brothers would help take care of them: they would take them to the fields to graze, they would watch them grow day by day. When they finished their education in the capital of Zamora province, they went back to their family village and they simply took the bull by the horns and dedicated themselves to raising Sayaguesa cattle, being able to use their father's and grandfather's huge experience. A few years later their herd size grew to 23 head of cattle. Ever since that moment you could notice quite an opposite tendency among other raisers: little by little, they started selling or crossbreeding their Sayaguesa cows with some artificially selected cattle breeds which guaranteed better economical outcome. The Pordomingo family, however, because of their inexplicable determination and affection they felt for their cows, maintained the breed purity along all those years. Meanwhile, the total number of the Sayaguesa breed kept gradually going down. It is estimated that there are only 600 head of Sayaguesa cattle left nowadays. As for the Pordomingo family, thanks to their hard work and perseverance, they moved from owning 23 cows about 25 years ago to raising a big 400 head herd. The rest of the Sayaguesa cattle is spread over the whole Sayago area. Some cattle raisers own 10, others 20, one or two of them own up to 40 head. Right now our family is the only one with a bigger number of the Sayaguesa cattle.

Somehow, we feel responsible for maintaing this breed, for saving it from extinction (which some believe is just a matter of time).

We are going to do everything we can to avoid it because we feel proud of our heritage. We strongly believe it is worth fighting for.

That's how this web page was born - as an attempt to make Sayaguesa cattle become well known and appreciated. We would like to promote the meat it gives, as it can be a way to save this breed. That's why we offer a very unique and high quality product which is delivered to the customer without other intermediaries than transport agency.

We would like our clients to feel part of this project. Please explore this web page, see our pictures in the gallery, watch the documentary about Sayaguesa cattle , this way you'll be able to know it better. Spread the word about this endangered breed and recommend our products if you have tried them and agree they deserve the absolutely positive opinion they have won so far. All these little steps will help preserve the Sayaguesa cattle. It is still possible to win this fight.


We offer unique, 100% pure and best quality Sayaguesa beef (raised and sacrified in Spain). To guarantee that our product is truly uniqueyou will be provided with many details about the animal from which the meat was obtained. Details such as: age, sex, breed, crotal bell no. - unique cattle number, abbatoir name, date of sacrifice, date of package etc. All the data is checked and confirmed by an independent county abbatoir. This data is then printed on a special sticker placed on the vacuum pouch.

The traceabilty means that you can always check if the product you receive is what you paid for - 100% pure Sayaguesa beef.

You can do it by checking the crotal number provided on each package against the Castille and Leon agriculture department.

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