• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2008

The Toronto Brewing Story began in 2008 when Zack Weinberg, a traveling music lover, returned home from a trip to California with a new love, craft beer. While visiting San Francisco for a music festival, Zack came across west-coast style India Pale Ale and was amazed by the incredible hop-forward flavour that was nothing like any other brew found back home. Not wanting to depart without some, Zack tucked a few precious IPAs into his luggage and hauled them back to Toronto, where he continued to sip and ponder on his treasured tonic. He soon found a homebrew recipe online for an IPA and began to share his bottled love for craft beer with friends and family. Soon the word spread about his delicious hoppy beer which was bursting with citrus aroma and tropical fruit flavours.

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Toronto Brewing


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