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VariMag II is the most versatile microscope camera mounting system available for DSLR type cameras. It easily mounts your DSLR camera to most microscopes and provides a sharp, flat field of view with continuously variable magnification for perfect framing of your shots. The system includes fittings for mounting to any C-Mount or C/S-Mount trinocular, as well as any common 23mm, 30mm or 30.5mm Ocular Port. This modular system includes as standard equipment two easily interchangeable optics cartridges providing the widest magnification range in the industry. The optically tuned four element multi-group optics were carefully designed for the least amount of chromatic and geometric aberration. Each optical surface features multiple anti-reflection coatings for superior contrast and scratch resistance. Every optical and mechanical aspect of the VariMag II system has been carefully designed and manufactured to insure the optimum optical integrity of the overall system.

The VariMag II system was designed from the ground up for use with DSLR type cameras, it is not a modified “compromise” of a point & shoot type camera adapter like some others. Don’t be fooled, no system can truly work well with both types of cameras. A DSLR camera can always achieve superior results over a point & shoot type camera since you can remove the camera lens. No matter how good your camera lens may be it is designed to shoot into open air and has no business being connected to a microscope. Just think of VariMag as a very specialized camera lens designed specifically for shooting into a microscope.

VariMag II works with virtually any SLR or DSLR type camera. We now also stock versions for popular "MIL" cameras such as the Olympus PEN, Sony NEX and Nikon 1. One camera adapter ring of your choice is included with each system. We have additional rings for all popular camera models available separately (and inexpensively). Thus VariMag II can be used with any camera brand that may be available in your lab. In addition you will not be locked into using one brand of camera as with many other adapters. We update our ring selection regularly as new cameras reach the market so your VariMag II system will not become obsolete when you decide to upgrade your camera. Many adapters lock you in, forcing you to repurchase the entire setup just to use a different brand of camera.

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