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Jason Akel is a certified master hypnotherapist. Jason works with adults and children throughout the world to achieve relief, pursue personal growth and hit performance goals. There are no judgements, only practical support. Remote online sessions are as effective or better than in-person and are conducted by Zoom or Google Meet with good lighting and professional sound.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool with diverse applications. Paired with a healthy lifestyle and complementary to conventional medicine, hypnosis will change your life. The following areas are where I love to work most and make the biggest impact with clients. Inquire about other areas that trouble you.

- Anxiety & Trauma. Stress, old and recent traumas, guilt, overwhelmed, self-esteem, dating confidence, break-ups.

- Fears & Phobias. Illness, pain, flying, crowds, animals, heights, public speaking, water, enclosed spaces, abandonment.

- Smoking & Vaping Cessation, Bad Habits. Cigarettes, vaping, food, shopping, biting, picking and pulling & other compulsive habits.

- Athletic & Career Performance. Results under pressure, achieve higher goals, endurance, teamwork facilitation, test anxiety, memory recall.

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