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Developed over many years, the origins of our wellness screening platform started long before the importance of lifestyle and diet became accepted in the mainstream. It grew from the discovery of the interconnectedness of everything in the body and was proved in medical trials; by measuring what's happening in the body, the screening platform can accurately predict predisposition to many major diseases up to two years before symptoms even appear.

Using medical grade test equipment, Your Future Vitality records up to 50 measures in a personal screening that builds a detailed picture of what's going on inside. Once results are entered, it delivers a graphic report detailing what's going wrong, then a list of recommendations to put those wrong results, right!

A change in lifestyle; eating right, topping up with beneficial supplements and adopting some gentle exercise is all that's required for most people to regain their energy, drive and wellness for a happier future.

You'll also find that most of those niggling complaints such as bloating, constant headaches, backache, digestive issues, constant tiredness and even anxiety and depression will disappear once you address the actual cause. Further regular screenings either in clinic or remotely from home keep your clients on track and feeling great.

Train to be a Vitalist, start a new career helping people reach their best condition or integrate into your complimentary practice, a vital resource to give added insight into your clients' condition to improve diagnosis and treatment.

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