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The number 1 site for leisure RC boats is www.bateau-rc.com ! Leading game and toy boat sales site bateau-rc.com offers a wide range of model boats. We have for you the sport type fast remote control boat with offshore RC such as admiral, silver rocket, super cyclone and many more. In addition to the remote-controlled offshore, our boat site offers you an exceptional range of models with the RC destroyer, the RC patrol-boat, or the radio-controlled tug, an absolutely brilliant model, between play and naval modeling. For budding pilots, we have a whole fleet of radio-controlled boats perfect for ponds, swimming pools or lakes. Small but very powerful RC boat models. From the radio-controlled racing boat to the military boat or RC tug boat, including RC sailboats, www.bateau-rc.com offers you a wide range of boats, from RC toys to large models. Boat-rc.com number one RC boat.

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Bateau-RC was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on September2022. Looking for other Toys store where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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