• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2011

Capital Filtrations Inc is a corporation located in AustinTexas and is privately owned and operated, supplying specialized products and retrofit services. We focus on mitigating emissions for diesel emissions equipment and Biodegradable lubricants fuel consumption solutions, coupled with measurable reductions in operating costs.

Our team is proud to help with the climate change initiative and supply pollution prevention products and solutions. We partner with the United Nations, NGOs, and Thought Leaders to help tackle the unprecedented climate challenges facing our world. We are also an independent company distinctively positioned to provide industrial innovations to aid with the global demand for reducing petroleum fossil fuel, fluids, and industrial filters. We assist Organizations, Governments, Cities, and Municipalities in eliminating or preventing fleet pollution.

As the global population approaches nine billion by 2050, we believe we can help mitigate fossil fuel dependence to help protect humanity and aid our beautiful environment for generations to come. Today, we look forward to what a third century of technology innovators can do as a North and South American sustainable product and services organization.

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Capital Filtrations

Industrial parts supplier

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