• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2020

Coffee Culture, it is an online marketplace to connect Coffee Roasters with Buyers. Like a Lazada but in our case, it is exclusive for coffees that are locally farmed and roasted in Thailand and sell this coffee online. The idea is to encourage coffee drinkers and lovers around Thailand to start supporting these local Thai coffee roasters and farmers of all sizes. Giving them the chance to survive and get their products discovered. As only less than 20% gets discovered.

“I want to help local Thai people, who are doing what they love most. To give their coffee product the chance to survive by giving them the awareness needed for potential customers to buy them. Business owners should focus on developing their business to reach the goals and dreams they have.” – Susan Borvornpotsakul

We don’t want anyone in Thailand to be bound by just the coffee that was chosen for us by supermarkets. Join us on this crowdfunding campaign, an opportunity for everyone to support all the local coffee farmers and roasters in Thailand. Raising their standards, coffee awareness and creating an online coffee culture in Thailand, whilst discovering quality coffee beans throughout Thailand.

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