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A few years ago, we began thinking about pizza. We love pizza. We eat a LOT of pizza. But since we didn’t make our own pizza, we were eating a lot of everyone else’s pizza. And time after time, the pizzas we ordered and ate left a lot to be desired. And so, we began a little journey. In April of 2010, we took a trip to pizza’s mother country: Italy. We walked the streets sampling the many pizza styles available at so many of the street cafes that sell slices to passersby. We snuck into a few Italian alleys, and enjoyed the purest Marinara and Margherita pizzas that we could discover. We consumed large quantities of various Neapolitan pizzas with delicious toppings. We began to collect bits and pieces of information about what makes a great pizza. We talked to a lot of folks. We attended a lot of shows. We tested a lot of pizza equipment. We cooked quite a few pizza pies. And all along the way, we learned a little something.

We learned that a great, high quality ingredient pizza is a real option for you – and for us!

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