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While they hop from flower to flower, worker bees not only gather nectar, but also pollen. As you may know, nectar is used to produce honey, the bees' carbohydrates source. On the other hand, pollen is packed into separate honeycombs and mixed with some nectar and enzymes secreted by bees. There it ferments slightly and turns into bee bread, also known as perga.

Bee bread is consumed by bees for its high protein, minerals and vitamins content, making up for honey's deficiencies. It can be consumed by vegetarians as a rich protein source. The fermentation process changes the composition and nutritional value of pollen, making it easier to digest and absorb by the organism. It is said to alleviate digestive disorders and pollen allergies. Bee bread is used by athletes for its antioxidant properties. Athletes also believe it boosts performance and accelerates recovery after training.

Bee bread has a fruit-like taste, lingering between sour and sweet. It can be eaten plain or added to yoghurt or breakfast cereals.

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