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I believe that words are powerful. In a time where words are often thrown around with abandon, it can be easy to forget their value. We may forget their power. But I believe that words are seeds that we can plant. I want to plant seeds of hope.

My artwork first came to me during a difficult time in my life. Initially, I posted my pieces anonymously on Instagram. To my surprise, I received private messages that these words and photos resonated for people living through a multitude of challenges. Slowly, I began to realize that we all need hope. Although it may be difficult, we are all capable of finding the strength to get through times that may seem insurmountable. I am living proof that this is possible. During my most painful times I came to realize that hope, even the smallest of kernels, gave me something to hold onto.

With this in mind, I hope you will take some time and look through my website. I have created pieces that are being sold as small pieces of art. They come in various sizes but each one is small enough to fit onto a desk, cubicle, nightstand, windowsill or other small area. These pieces are meant to be reminders - to help ground and remind you of your strength. My personal hope is that these words will reach you or someone you care for when they are needed most.


All of my photos were taken with my Olympus Mirrorless Camera. The prints for sale are photographs and printed by labs on Fujifilm paper. Depending on the size of the print there will be various purchase options. If you have another size in mind that is not currently offered, please send me an email and I can work on a custom order for you.

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