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Founded by a Green Beret, GORUCK is an American brand with Special Forces roots. Excellence, toughness, and adaptability are the pillars of our way of life, which influence how we do, what we do:

GEAR & APPAREL - From start to finish, we design, test, and proudly overbuild gear and performance apparel - in the USA - so that it thrives in Baghdad and NYC. Green Berets serve as judge and jury of quality.

FOOTWEAR - The best story in the history of footwear. Old school Special Forces. Post-9/11 modern day Special Forces. Inventor of the Reebok Pump. MACV-1 honors the heritage of the Vietnam-era jungle boot and adapts it to the modern day, all terrain requirements of traveling, training, rucking — and assaulting.

EVENTS - Classic Special Forces missions involve training foreign armies and serving beside them. At GORUCK, 100+ decorated combat veterans of Special Forces lead our 1,000+ events/year. Their job is to build teams and empower individuals from all walks to lead active, engaged lives.

RUCKING - Moving with weight on your back is the foundation of Special Forces training - and GORUCK Events. Rucking combines strength and cardio, is adaptable to anyone’s goals based on the amount of weight carried, and is a popular, empowering activity for those who hate to run or find it boring.

So, yes we build gear. Yes, we lead events, build teams, and strengthen communities. But only because if we didn’t, we’d have to find some other way to change the world, one day at a time.

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