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Why buy from HempUSA.org?

- We care about our customers and only sell 100% chemical-free super foods.

- We create our own formulations for detoxing and nutritional health.

- We package all of our own products in BPA-free containers.

- All of our products are naturally grown, GMO-free, anti-inflammatory and gluten-free.

- We have the highest quality hemp products available.

- Our hemp protein powder is up to 53% protein, 12% oil, loaded with magnesium, potassium, amino acids, essential fatty acids and many other nutrients. We have a unique process that sifts out a percentage of the fiber from the powder to increase the protein content up to 53% naturally. Other protein powders are lighter, contain more fiber, much less oil, and are considered flours instead of a heavy cake powder like our protein powder.

- Our powder stops the desire for junk food cravings, normalizes body weight, increases muscle mass, allows clearer thinking, better sleeping, more energy, and a quick recovery after workouts. This is the highest quality protein powder available for the human body.

- We want people out of the hospital, off pharmaceuticals, reading ingredient labels before they buy products, and to be educated about caring for their own health needs.

- With our high quality, high vibrational super foods, you can change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

- We are honored to have you visit us, and our priority will always be health, wellness, vitality and well-being. Please enjoy your shopping experience with us.

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