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PeaudeShagreen presents designer Hidetoshi’s beautiful collection of exotic leather bags and accessories made from genuine stingray leather. Hidetoshi focuses on creations using the noblest exotic skin, stingray leather.

Skin of stings and sharks is also called ‘shagreen’ and was originally used to rub, polish or file. A master leatherworker in the court of Louis XV (Jean-Claude Galuchat) first popularized the use of stingray leather, using it as veneer on a variety of items including sheaths, wig cases, perfume flacons, sewing and snuff boxes.

The qualities for which this fine leather is valued are also what make it so difficult to work with. Its combination of extreme hardness and elastic softness requires great patience and skill to produce flawless products.

PeaudeShagreen is based in Geneva, Switzerland. We ship worldwide for free and we accept returns. We accept all major credit cards payments as well as PayPal and payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies through the CryptoWoo plugin.

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