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Matt Holton has been creating art since his childhood. In high school he sketched and sketched. After completing a degree in political science and philosophy; he studied law, ran the marathon semi-professionally, became a baker, and was a land surveyor. Currently he divides his time between art, and coaching distance and track running. Most recently Matt has taken on care-taking, landscaping, and property management.

After nearly 10 years on the mainland, Matt moved back to Maui in 2005. Right away Matt went back to artwork while baking full time. Starting on small canvases he became familiar again with his natural talents. Soon he was creating four by six foot portraits of island people, and two by four paintings of island flora, and fauna.

Matt is a committed artist spending 40 or more hours a week on his widening range of artwork. From hand carved koa, custom pine frames, to etched glass, dried flower petal embellished paintings, and jewelry. Matt has also done pieces made of paper mache, watercolors, and painted on onyx and the glass door of the studio. Currently Matt is completing two life sized portraits of siblings with a style he has not ever used before. He built the wood canvases using wood filler and actually carving parts of the figures to give three dimensions to the artwork. For example the sister is literally holding the edge of the artwork with her right hand.

Matt's influences include: Alfonse Mucha, William Bouguereau, Sandro Botticelli, Herb Kane, and Damien Hirst to name a few. The study of these artists' give Matt inspiration to try new mediums to tell island stories of people, places, and the natural beauty that surrounds us here on Maui and beyond. Storytelling through art about what life used to be like in Hawai''i, and the beauty that remains. Matt also has a growing collection of athletes from distance to sprinting to high jump. Below are a selection of portraits. View a listing of some of Matt's available paintings and purchase using Bitcoin or PayPal in the Holton Gallery Store.

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