• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2019

A clothing brand that benefits mental health awareness and promotes positivity by asking supporters to love and respect each other. Love your life. It's that simple.

We are steadily attracting increasing traffic rates to our website, as well as being featured in various forms of media. We are a rapidly growing brand that's always looking for new people to work with and sponsor. We offer a whole lot more than just a wide range of clothing.

With r0ok Clothing, your clothes speak volumes louder than your mouth. You don't owe anyone an explanation, so your outfit will do the talking.

Have you or someone you love felt very powerful but always underestimated? In the game of chess, there is a particular piece that is very powerful but always underestimated, and it is known as the rook. This is where we got our name.

Life can be like a game of chess. Never really knowing in advance what your next move might be. Can you imagine constantly having that insecure feeling? That is what people with mental illness face every day, every hour, and sometimes every second.

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r0ok Clothing

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