• Form of BusinessCompany
  • Year of foundation2010

Single Speed, Fixed Gear and Urban City Bike Specialists

We are a digital cycling company with a very real touch.

We have been curating and delivering single speed and fixed gear bikes since 2010 and are catering to a modern urban dweller offering contemporary urban bicycles. We select only simple, high quality and low maintenance bicycles from fine and unique manufacturers and then make sure you are delivered the best service possible.

Our company roots were planted with fixed gear and single speed bikes in mind and we have evolved to extend our knowledge to specialise in modern city cycling extending our range to include geared bikes for city use. We partner with some of the best urban bike companies from around the globe and work only with bicycle manufacturers designing beautiful city bikes for a modern city environment. In partnership with our suppliers, we have developed a smart delivery system which helps us make your bikes ever so greener and friendlier to an environment by saving resources on unnecessary logistics and storage facilities. This also lets us connect you to less popular but more passionate bike and accessory makers giving you a more unique choice.

Single Speed Co. stands for a modern, simple, healthy and environmentally friendly commute promoting a bicycle as the key element. We believe bicycles have to be as simple and efficient as possible promoting single speed bikes as the ultimate commuter machines of sustainable future.

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