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Soul Objects is what we would call a concept store offering our customers a wide range of carefully curated products in line with our philosophy and ethics. The word “Soul” has many definitions but most appropriate in this case would be: “the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art.” To SoulObjects the word “Object” includes all material things.

When we combined the two words to one word our Brand “SoulObjects” was born. The selection of products ranges from Vintage & Antique Furniture, Home & Body Fragrance’s, Traditional Grooming & Shaving Tools, the Beard, Accessories, Tattoo related Art & Products, Spirits & Fashion.

When selecting brands, suppliers, artisans, producers, resellers or SoulObjects we try to apply a strict code of conduct. It must be a work of art to us. Unique Objects, Origin, Originality, Quality, Design, Tradition, Artisan, Handmade, Ingredients, the Soul behind a product, Value, Ethics, Availability and Packaging. Important to us are the values we leave the customer with when leaving our store. He shall not only carry the monetary value of the "SoulObject” with him but also the values we represent.

Carefully selecting where to spend, therefore whom you support, what you actually get and what value remains after having spent your money. Our customers must only transform their money into a “SoulObject”. Depending on the product it will give you lots of joy and well-being, a headache and bad breath if consumed in excess, or in the case of reselling it your money back, or even a profit, depending on various factors. Love, Peace & Soul from your SoulObjects Team.

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Soul Objects was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on December2019. Looking for other Antique store where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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