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To find true happiness, you have to ditch the bullsh*t and follow your authentic path. But first, you need to tune out the noise so you can follow your intuition. You need to listen to your little voice. Self Discovery

My Grandmother AKA Mami taught me to always listen to my little voice. She said it would never steer me wrong. She was right. As years past, I lost my way. Stress and anxiety brought on by work and life started to creep in. It was then I remembered what Mami taught me. So I set out on a mission to let sh*t go, quite the noise, and listen to my little voice. That’s how Soulful Essence was born. My one hope and mission is that the lessons I’ve learned can help you live a happier life. One where you learn to let sh*t go and always listen to your little voice.

So how can Soulful Essence aromatherapy help you?

It interrupts your thought patterns by triggering the most powerful part of your brain, the place where memory and emotions live.

This does two things:

1. Forces you to pause, for just a second

2. Provides you with the opportunity to consciously let sh*t go

By harnessing the power of emotionally supportive botanicals that help strengthen your resolve and remind you of where you want to be and how you want to feel.

By learning how to let sh*t go in just 60 seconds. When you practice our Me Minute ritual daily, you can create a lifelong habit of redirecting your thoughts to a healthy space.

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