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The World of StillDragon®

The one and only completely modular distilling equipment

The own distillery or brandy distillation system, the suitable distillation apparatus for traditional stripping run & spirit run, a rectification or distillation column?

Our products offer manifold application possibilities, which are not only limited to distilling and brewing. The imagination knows no limits. Look and see!

Please be aware that we do not offer turn-key stills, but items for building stills and distilleries.

The distillation of alcohol is subject to legal provisions in most countries. Please inform yourself about the applicable laws in your country.

Distill Brandy yourself?

DIY Still instead of buying or letting build expensive

Whether distilling as a hobby or profession, from micro distillery over small bonded to bonded distillery, from simple schnapps to fine spirits and whisky, with us you will find it! Moonshining with moonshine still was yesterday, the own distillery is today!

Why buy or let build a distillator expensive when you can simply build one in any size at a bargain yourself with our modular equipment? The paradise for still builders, all from a simple pot still to a reflux still with reflux column, as well as aromatization and filtration. Whether macerating, distilling, extracting, aromatizing or filtering, everything is possible!

Of course you will also find the accessories indispensable for every distiller. We hope you enjoy browsing through our extensive product catalog!

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