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Survival Camping Store.com was founded by two longtime childhood friends Devin Peterson and Matthew Strunk. They began their passion for outdoors at a young age, growing up around the cliffs of the Appalachian Mountains. They were influenced to enjoy nature by going on many hikes, adventures and expeditions. Simple 2 day camping trips would eventually turn into week-long hikes and the better they became, the harder of a challenge they wanted. Hardcore mountain bike trips with minimal gear, leading into a climbing excursion and river run down the canyon slopes were becoming adventures of the norm.

As the 2 pursued their outdoor dreams, they eventually got to the age where they must work to survive, and not just be able to start fires with sticks and forage for berries. In doing so, they both picked up unique skills and teamed up once more to create what is the best supplier of survival gear on the market, SCS.

The idea behind Survival Camping Store was to fill a void in the industry. Emergency preparedness and outdoor recreation were often thought of as 2 separate industries. But in reality, the 2 concepts blend well together. Outdoor recreational activities should always entail a plan for disasters like injuries, animal encounters, harsh weather, or getting lost. Conversely, a prepper is always more prepared when they have a working knowledge of outdoor survival, which is where the outdoor recreation component comes in.

Merging the 2 ideas together allows for one to gather all their equipment at one place. A total survival resource, or a cache stash one might call it. You can select any tools you need whether you are looking for a comfortable tent to sleep in or set up a security alarm system for your home.

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