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It started with a road trip.

We were driving through the Highlands in search of sunshine, when we came up with the idea for Tens. You might not think of sunglasses and Scotland as the perfect match, but that’s sort of the point. Developed by photographers (that’s us - Tom, Marty and Kris), we thought it would be cool to take the rich, warm colours we add to our photos and apply them to real life. And so, a gazillion rounds of prototypes and one crowdfunding campaign later, Tens happened.

Our Friends

When we launched with our crowdfunding campaign in 2014, we picked up 10,000 customers from 100+ countries around the world. Since then, we’ve been lucky to have them come along for the ride and meet even more creatives, explorers and all-round positive people along the way.


We think our planet’s pretty great - which is why we’re committed to offering you a pair of sustainable, responsibly-made sunglasses. Our 2018 frames are 100% biodegradable, because we want you to feel good about what you’re wearing and we want to feel good about what we’re making.

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