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Top Shelf Toker® is a clothing company based out of Chicago, Illinois. Our company is catered to everyone from the everyday enthusiast to the cannabis connoisseur. We strive to provide our customers with quality apparel at an affordable price. Shop our hats, tees, buttons, and much more to show your support and help us spread the message of the Top Shelf Toker Movement!

What is the Top Shelf Toker® Movement?

Top Shelf Toker® embodies much more than just a clothing brand. At Top Shelf Toker® we know that the utility of hemp, cannabis, and cryptocurrency is more than evident. The problem is, however, that many are simply unaware of the progress we can make as a society by passing common-sense legislation and allowing businesses encompassed in these sectors the opportunity to flourish. By getting our apparel to the masses we hope to spread the message that reform is necessary like wildfire. In doing so, we also aspire to tear down the present barriers companies face and promote our cause of creating a climate that is friendlier towards all businesses involved in hemp, cannabis, and cryptocurrency.

What can I do to help the Top Shelf Toker® Movement?

First off, thanks again for visiting the site. Your support is what has helped us grow into the company we are today. We are grateful that we have customers like you who have interest in being part of our movement. One way that you can further help is to tell your friends and family about the work we are doing and encourage them to shop our site. In addition to shopping our site, you can also support the Top Shelf Toker® movement on social media. Whether it is simply liking our page and following us, commenting, or sharing we appreciate all the help we can get to spread our message!

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