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  • Form of BusinessNon-profit organization
  • In Business Since2022

Business Description

Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists to support people in Ukraine during this crisis time. Unchain is a charity project created by blockchain activists. Our goal is to break the chain of war. Your support helps us raise and quickly distribute funds for humanitarian needs in Ukraine.

Official crypto wallets for donations:

Bitcoin: bc1qdq3q6hdp33uqpf00czg6am30963gsfx627ftfgecws7680rvfuzsurakcw

Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin (ERC20): 0x10e1439455bd2624878b243819e31cfee9eb721c

Binance Smart Chain: 0x67ef9a8d7f4ed931ac63e873b75d8f8dea64cdb2

Polygon: 0xb37b3b78022E6964fe80030C9161525880274010

Harmony: 0x50239f0D06636a4Ca97Fb2Ad7125fDDa63E692A4

IOTX: io1rl2z079wqd6aug8a0xl9fcg288v6rzkxyw2m6l

Celo: 0x99300109Cd3BccC0eE1c535b9bB0b5f4A6a2aDb4

Polygon: 0xb37b3b78022E6964fe80030C9161525880274010

Terra: terra1gn8ed7kg6454k38n8rgfnagh3tevc5d69rc6rt

Avalanche: 0x0a1e264cDeb531657b7Ff65860B70bE6761DC7aa

Moonbeam: 0xAe0bEcc1C68084252a41A43F59Ba704bB3c9E5BC

Moonriver: 0x46092b645D23B3e2A1B05cCA9c1749290E3E9B22

Solana: BnBe9uwucnLWpKqzgtvGU2aURRXezcqEVCoL8L6CeDgF

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Unchain Ukraine was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on March2022. Looking for other Charity organization where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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