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Vaultoro Description

The Vaultoro Glass Books Protocol was developed to give users the ability to see a proof of above 100% reserve of both bitcoin and gold while protecting user privacy. Vaultoro prides itself on being one of the most transparent exchanges and hopes to inspire the industry with its easy to use solution.

Transparency done right!

To use the system simply follow these steps

1.Check your Client ID (available on the settings page once logged in)

2.Open the list of holders (below), look up your Client ID and compare your bitcoin and gold holdings with this list. Why?: This ensures that your holdings are correctly displayed and accounted for in the sum of all holdings. Furthermore it ensures we not falsify the information because we do not know when you might check (logged in or out)

3.Compare the sum of all gold holdings to the vault operator's statement, which declares how much gold is actually stored in the vault (only available logged in)

4.Compare the sum of all bitcoin holdings with the published cold wallet and warm wallet addresses

With these simple steps, you can be 100% sure we store gold and bitcoin above our user's reserves.

When you are logged in you can also download the BDO international vault audit certificate from Pro Aurum AG and the gold insurance certificate from Helvetia insurance.

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Vaultoro was registered on BitcoinWide as one that accept cryptocurrency on August2018. Looking for other Precious metals dealer where you can pay with cryptocurrency? 
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