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All Warm ME items are completely handmade in Nepal, according to age-old traditions, and only from the very finest Mongolian Cashmere wool – so the least you can expect is the best.

Every single step in the production of these extraordinarily aesthetic, soft and sumptuous accessories, is a labour of love and is the result of traditional skills and craftsmanship – from the fleecing of the goats, the spinning of the yarn, the knitting and weaving, the dying of the raw beige Cashmere wool and sun-drying of each garment – right through to the packaging of your product. Even many of the natural dyes come from Indian and Nepalese plants, so every Warm ME item is a genuine and authentic work of craftsmanship - individual and unique.

And because the credit for the entire production chain belongs to the herdsmen and shearers of Mongolia, and to the spinners, weavers, dyers, craftsmen and craftswomen of local communities in Nepal – real people with faces and names, who make these valuable products truly priceless – it’s our pleasure to invest in their local infrastructure, in better working conditions, in the provision of health and child care – and in maintaining an environmentally, ethically and socially sustainable system of production of benefit to all of us.

In the beginning, Warm ME was about eye-catching beanies and premium quality winter accessories. It very quickly became a heart-warming story about beautiful garments that we can all feel really good about wearing!

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