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4MyCiTy® is recognized as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 509(a) and has 501(c)(3) status. 4MyCiTy® is a non-profit run by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Does 4MyCiTy® have a primary focus?

At 4MyCiTy®, Our focus is on the Importance of Environmental Sustainability. Primarily the Sustainable Management of Food in relation to food waste. Our Project is broken down into 4 phases that are all currently operating successfully. The focus is now on growth and demonstrating the full effectiveness of the program, highlighting the many benefits to our communities.

- Phase 1 - Source Reduction: we currently run a food rescue operation that partners with businesses to collect and distribute their potential food waste. We rescue cooked and uncooked foods, food scraps are also accepted as part of our community composting initiative. Business can contact us to help with food waste Audits and educational seminars for their teams. Our program has a primary focus on healthy foods, se we foster relationships with Produce Distributors and the farming industry.

- Phase 2 - Feed the Hungry and our animal friends: all foods collected are distributed through our network of dedicated partner organizations. We choose our partners based on their ability and willingness to help us distribute all rescued foods to families facing food insecurity. Any food not fit for human consumption and can be safely served to our animal friends are diverted accordingly to our partner farms.

- Phase 3 - Industrial/commercial use: We understand the connection between the health of the planet and the impacts of disposable food packaging. Our focus is to advance Zero Waste Systems in relation to food service products. Helping our partners be better stewards of the environment through the use of our line of Bio-degradable serving products.

- Phase 4 - Composting: we have successfully partnered and tested a very unique line of Automatic on site commercial composters. Our composter is capable of turning 100lbs of food waste into 10-15lbs of nutrient-rich soil amendment. The compost is distributed through our network of partners for them to focus on growing healthy foods.

We use our initiative to educate members of the community on the importance of reducing food waste at various stages, with a goal of diverting more from our landfills and incinerators.

What is Unique about 4MyCiTy®?

4MyCiTy® is unique in that we do not have any Payroll expenses. Our program is 100% volunteer coordinated with only operational costs. 100% of our funds are used towards the programs we support. Our Board of Directors and staff all are volunteers and most of the events coordination is done remotely or at our partner sites. We are truly a volunteer driven charity with focus on putting all dollars raised towards the many programs or events we coordinate. When you donate to us, you can rest assured that 100% of that donation goes towards your intended purpose.

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