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Hi! I'm Lester and I created Fierce Edge!

I created Fierce Edge because I wanted to make my work outs fun. The more fun I'm having the easier it gets and the easier it gets the more I'll do it right? So it got me thinking, what else do I do effortlessly and for hours at a time? Videogames! Hours, days, weeks logged in where I'm saving worlds, building empires, and banishing demons. I'm an irresistible force!

So how do I combine the two? Make myself the avatar, I need to become the hero of my own journey! Every time I pull on my Fierce Edge suit, training becomes a game and after every work-out, I gain real-life Experience Points and start to Level-Up. Fierce Edge is the real life Power-Up, increase your [S]trength, [A]gility and [S]tamina! Taken a hit? No problem just crouch behind this rock and recharge your shields!*

So here I am, to make sports apparel as creative and fun as possible. I want to share with you my passion and vision for health and fitness. Every time you equip Fierce Edge, you step into a world of your own imagining. You are the hero! What do you need to do to progress to the next level? "Reroute all power to shields, we're breaking through their defence no matter what!" Whatever it is, Fierce Edge is here to help make it something that you love.

Whether you're into CrossFit, roller derby, martial arts, running or an under-layer for motorcycle leathers, I want you to have as much fun as I do.

Who am I?

I'm super into video-games and fitness. I started training Tae Kwon-Do in my early teens, moved onto Shotokan Karate, Tang Soo-Do and finally found Muay Thai. I love lifting heavy(ish) weights and putting them back down again, adventure/obstacle runs and cycling.

I'm not an elite athlete; not even close to being an advanced athlete, I usually finish races with intermediate times. I'm just a regular person and I'm super enthusiastic about my health and fitness.

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