2x.Energy plans a revolution in DeFi by creating a new blockchain platform

2x.Energy President Yevhen Rudenko wrote about this in his LinkedIn account. According to the company’s press release, 2x.Energy plans to be the first in the world to globally digitize all monetary relations between people within its project.

This step will allow the company to realize the main idea behind 2x.Energy – to make the accounting of the exchange of monetary energy between people absolutely transparent.

“The Project’s leaders believe that this will be a revolutionary page in the development of DeFi and the entire blockchain industry,” the official press release of 2x.Energy reads.

2x.Energy creators believe that the energy aimed at good deeds returns manifold. That is what the new blockchain system is designed to show and prove.

Background information

Yevhen Rudenko, Director of the Blockchain Technology Development Institute, finance and DeFi expert, founder of the 2x.Energy Project.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an alternative to the traditional financial system that is implemented in the cryptocurrency industry. It is a distributed infrastructure with many online projects that are integrated with each other to varying degrees. The main idea of DeFi is to create an analogue of traditional financial institutions, such as banks, exchanges, investment funds, and others, but on the principle of decentralization, that is, so that the entire system is under the control of users, and not central management. As a rule, projects have open source code, and all processes involve special mechanisms based on blockchain technologies.

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