How to buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin in 2023

Are you busy with a question about how to buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin? Look no further as in this article you’ll find all the information needed on the pros and cons of spending crypto on Counter-Strike weapon skins, how to do it technically, and see the list of businesses that accept crypto for this type of product.

Buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

The list of advantages to buy CSGO skins with BTC is quite big and includes:

  • Low risks of identity theft or fraud
  • Anonymity is guaranteed 
  • Purchase without a bank account is possible which means even underage people can buy skins with Bitcoin

There is just one disadvantage though — it may be difficult to buy cs go skins with Bitcoin or some other crypto if you don’t know who accepts crypto. But in this article, we will give you the list of businesses that 100% accept crypto

How to buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin

First of all, you will need to find a site that sells CSGO skins and accepts crypto at the same time. We recommend you our site — BitcoinWide — as here we gathered all businesses that accept crypto as a form of payment. 

On BitcoinWide, you can search sites by

  1. map search
  2. categories
  3. crypto type
  4. regular search bar. 

When you find a suitable merchant, follow their link and choose BTC when checking out. 

List of businesses where you can buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin

Here are some of the websites that accept crypto for CSGO skins:


It isn’t that difficult to find sites with CSGO skins for crypto and the process of buying is not complicated either. The gaming world has been using crypto to pay for things in games for a very long time and it’s not something new. Enjoy your skins paid with BTC! 

FAQ: How to buy CSGO skins with BTC

Can I buy CSGO skins with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible. Check out on BitcoinWide our comprehensive list of websites that accept crypto coins as a form of payment. Pay with BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), XRP (Ripple), USDT (Tether), DOGE, and more popular altcoins. 

Where can I sell CSGO skins for Bitcoin?

Although selling items for real money is not an option on the Steam platform, you can trade earned skins for in-game currency there. Therefore, you should be aware of third-party websites and services if you want to trade or sell CS:GO things for actual money.

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