How to buy a domain with Bitcoin in 2023

If you want to buy a domain with Bitcoin, you are at the right place. Crypto payments are quite popular when it comes to online services, it’s way better than, say, hotels or shoes. Still, buying a domain with BTC raises a lot of questions, and in this article, we will answer them for you. 

Buy a domain with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let’s begin with the advantages as they clearly take over:

  1. It’s fast compared to bank cards
  2. It’s safe as no one can steal your card information 
  3. The fees are lower
  4. The purchase can be totally anonymous if you need it

What about the disadvantages? There is just one in this case. Not all of the services accept Bitcoin or other crypto and it may seem tricky to find one that does. However, in this article, we will tackle this and give you full instructions on how to find businesses accepting crypto.

How to buy a domain with Bitcoin

As you already know, the trickiest part is to find someone who accepts your BTC or other crypto coins. Usually, people google something like “NameCheap pay with Bitcoin” but you should into the question look deeper. 

To find businesses that accept crypto, there is nothing better than BitcoinWide – an online directory of businesses that take crypto payments. Here you can search in 4 different ways:

Once you found a domain service you like to buy a domain name with BTC, follow their link and check out as you usually do but don’t forget to choose Bitcoin as your payment. You will be offered the ways this business accepts crypto payments. 

A list of businesses where you can buy a domain with Bitcoin

Here is the list of verified sites where you can buy domains with BTC and be sure they accept this type of payment:


It isn’t rocket science when it comes to a question how to buy a domain with Bitcoin. Many websites accept crypto payments nowadays and the list of them will increase over the next few years. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. 

FAQ: How to buy a domain with Bitcoin

Can I buy a domain with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy a website name with Bitcoin. Many services allow crypto payments and the list of such places (at least the most popular ones) is shared in this article. Check it out and choose the one you prefer.

Does Namecheap take Bitcoin?

Yes, Namecheap has a huge variety of payment methods that include the most popular crypto coin. You can use Bitcoin on Namecheap to purchase domains, web hosting, SSL certificates, or domain privacy – everything is possible. 

What Domain name registrars accept BTC?

Quite a lot, to be short. You can find a list of registrars accepting crypto payments on our website, BitcoinWide. We gather all businesses that accept BTC or other coins as a form of payment, check and verify them and publish them on our website. 

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