How to buy SMTP with Bitcoin in 2023

If you want to buy SMTP with Bitcoin, this page will help you. Free SMTP (stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) services can be reliable to the point but have a lot of disadvantages, so buying one is a good option for entrepreneurs. And buying one with Bitcoin is even better for some reasons. This is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. 

Buy SMTP with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Firstly, let’s discuss the advantages of buying with BTC. They include:

  1. Lower transaction fees, especially if you pay internationally
  2. Faster processing time
  3. Anonymity
  4. Low chance of theft or fraud since you don’t need to share your card details 

There should be disadvantages too, right? There are just a few:

  1. If you are self-employed, you won’t be able to claim such purchase as your business expense, as crypto transactions are not acceptable by the tax authorities
  2. It isn’t very easy to find places that accept crypto payments. But this article will help you find them.

How to buy SMTP with Bitcoin

Buying an SMTP server with Bitcoin is relatively easy if you know where to go. In order to find places accepting crypto, use BicoinWide – an online directory of businesses worldwide that accept crypto as a form of payment. 

Here you can make your search in 4 possible ways:

Once you find a website to buy an SMPT server with Bitcoin, follow their link and purchase as you usually do, just choose a needed crypto coin when checking out. You will be offered a crypto payment gateway or to transfer the funds directly to a seller’s wallet. 

A list of businesses where you can buy SMTP with Bitcoin

We chose for you some websites so you don’t have to spend your time:


SMTP servers are easy to be bought with crypto, and hopefully, this article made you understand that. Use BitcoinWide to look for stores or sites that accept crypto payments, whether it’s an internet service that you need or just something for your daily life. 


Can I buy SMTP with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. A lot of goods and services these days can be sold with crypto, and if you don’t know where to find them — look on BitcoinWide. We gather all online and offline businesses that accept BTC or other crypto coins. 

Is it safe to buy SMTP services with BTC?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to spend crypto for SMTP services. What’s more – sometimes it’s even safer to use crypto instead of a bank card, as there are fewer opportunities for thieves to get your personal information and use of for fraudulent purposes. 

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