to Accept Notcoin for Telegram Advertising Payments Soon, a prominent player in the Telegram advertising arena, is excited to announce plans to support and join the Notcoin community. Currently working on the technical integration to accept Notcoin for advertising payments, will shortly enhance its transactional capabilities by incorporating Notcoin, one of the most innovative cryptocurrencies of 2024, into its payment options.

This innovation transforms how advertisers orchestrate campaigns within Telegram’s dynamic ecosystem. will become one of the first businesses to accept Notcoin, starting after its release on May 16.

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin, a unique meme coin introduced in 2024, quickly captured the interest of millions with its innovative approach. Originating within the Telegram ecosystem, this digital currency transitioned from a simple, engaging game to a well-recognized cryptocurrency, the NOT Token.

Initially created to demonstrate blockchain technology within a widely-used messaging app, Notcoin quickly became popular for its user-friendliness, simplifying cryptocurrency payments for advertisers due to its straightforward and accessible nature. Notcoin is designed to make it easy for advertisers to adopt cryptocurrency for payments, enhancing the ease of transactions within their advertising strategies.

Pay for Telegram Ads with Notcoin on

We are currently finalizing the technical integration to support Notcoin payments, which will enhance transactional capabilities and transform campaign management for our advertisers.

✅ Advertise on the Best Telegram Cryptocurrency Channels’s catalog, with over 6,000 channels including 400+ channels dedicated to crypto, offers advertisers targeted opportunities within Telegram cryptocurrency channels. It ensures a trustworthy platform for promoting crypto projects.

✅ Diverse Payment Options Including Toncoin
Beyond Notcoin, accepts various cryptocurrencies like Toncoin, enhancing flexibility for advertisers across different digital currencies, including USDT TRC20 and BTC, alongside traditional payment methods.

This announcement underscores how integrates with leading digital currencies like Notcoin and Toncoin, providing comprehensive payment solutions for advertising within the Telegram ecosystem.

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