Top exchanges to swap BTC to ETH

The popularity of Bitcoin and Ethereum is easy to explain. These cryptocurrencies have been around longer than most other projects and have already proven their reliability as a fast and secure means of payment. Both assets are growing fundamentally and analysts are confident that this trend will continue in the future. At the same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum occupy different market niches and are becoming more expensive for different reasons. The growth of Ethereum is directly related to the development of the decentralized finance segment, while Bitcoin is actually becoming a digital analogue of gold.

An important rule of investing is portfolio diversification. It is impossible to exclude the complete loss of investments, since even experienced investors face losses. To minimize risks and prevent financial crises, it is recommended to distribute your portfolio by investing in different types of assets. The easiest way to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio is to distribute your capital between BTC and ETH in a ratio close to 6:4.

Since crypto market veterans are available on all centralized exchanges, and usually form a trading pair, this ratio can be changed at any time. This can be either a one-time ETH/BTC exchange transaction or systemic trading.

Best crypto exchanges to exchange ETH to BTC


Binance is a popular, liquid and fully functional crypto exchange in our time. With a wide range of options that are attractive to experienced traders, it has a fairly clear interface and is suitable even for beginners. The platform includes Binance Futures for derivatives trading and a fully decentralized infrastructure on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain).

To access the functionality of the platform, verification is required. A fiat gateway is also provided, which makes it easier to withdraw and deposit traditional finance. Binance regularly holds contests and promotions to incentivize users.


Kraken – Provides spot, futures and margin trading capabilities, and also offers a range of over-the-counter services. Covers almost the entire world, with the exception of some Asian countries. This platform has a strong reputation and is characterized by high liquidity and trading volume. The number of trading pairs compared to other TOP exchanges is quite modest, but the probability of buying a dubious asset is almost zero.


The KuCoin crypto platform provides a wide selection of not only cryptocurrencies, but also various tools for their effective operation. A convenient trading terminal allows you to create orders of the “market”, “limit”, “stop-market” and “stop-limit” types. Trading using leverage is also supported. The KuCoin Earn section features a variety of investment methods with varying levels of risk, ranging from dual investing to Eth 2.0 staking. Depositing cryptocurrencies is carried out without commission, and withdrawal depends on the specific coin. The platform accepts deposits using bank cards. It is also worth noting the presence of its own token – KCS. The trading platform is available both through a web interface and through a mobile application.

Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase Exchange is a popular American cryptocurrency trading and investment platform that provides users with easy access to buy, sell, exchange and store cryptocurrencies. The platform’s interface is designed to be intuitive and beginner-friendly, providing support for basic transactions, digital wallets, and the ability to withdraw funds via PayPal. The exchange does not have its own token.


The instant cryptocurrency exchange service is an excellent choice for large swaps. The service is available to users from all countries of the world, without registration and KYC. Its interface is very simple and intuitive; investors and traders with any level of training can use the service. supports over 3,800 digital assets, and there are no restrictions on the volume and number of transactions. The fiat gateway is working.


In conclusion, for those looking to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio by swapping Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH), there are several top exchanges offering reliable and varied services. Each of these exchanges has its unique features and advantages, making them ideal for different types of investors and traders looking to balance their portfolios between BTC and ETH.

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    It is very strange to me how Binance still holds its position after the story with CZ

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