Upenn’s Wharton taps Coinbase to accept crypto for online Blockchain Course

A private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Upenn’s Wharton, taps Coinbase to accept crypto for online Blockchain Course, a new online executive education program. Payments are expected to be taken in the most popular crypto coins: BTC and ETH, as well as the stablecoin USDC. 

Education program at the Wharton School with pay for crypto

According to a statement, the six-week “Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets” course is being offered by the Ivy League business school for “business and technology professionals eager to learn about blockchain and digital assets through its value-driving principle: economics.”

Participants in its programs will be able to pay with cryptocurrencies, according to the Philadelphia-based Wharton. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC are accepted, making it the first Ivy League institution or U.S. business school to do so.

The program’s academic director, Wharton professor, and blockchain author Kevin Werbach, stated that the program was created for business professionals and executives from a variety of backgrounds, including traditional finance, management, and technology.

The certificate program will be presented by Wharton in collaboration with the blockchain consulting business Prysm Group.


Which Ivy League University recently declared that it will accept payments in cryptocurrency?

It was the 132-year-old Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia. It is relying on a new campus on the West Coast to boost its high-tech brand by accepting cryptocurrency payments for a course on blockchain technology.

Can I pay tuition with crypto?

Yes, you can. Apart from the University of Pennsylvania, there are several educational units that offer their students to make payments with crypto, Wharton just appears to be one of them. Check out our category “Education” on BitcoinWide to find out more places that accept crypto as a form of payment.

What University accepts Bitcoin?

Numerous universities currently accept cryptocurrencies, and more are moving in that direction every day. Universities have been prompted to make future plans and start accepting bitcoin payments as a result of the growing usage of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Where can I learn blockchain?

Due to its inherent complexity, learning blockchain technology can appear overwhelming. But instead of learning it yourself, you can go to a university, for example, the University of Pennsylvania that accepts crypto payments for their new course on blockchain. This is not the only option though. 

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