How to buy food with Bitcoin in 2023

You can not become the first person to buy food with Bitcoin, as the pizza was the first thing to be ever bought with this crypto coin. The famous purchase happened more than 10 years ago and still inspired a lot of people to think “can I buy pizza with Bitcoin?”. Of course, you can. And in this article, we will talk explain how it works. 

Buy food with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let us start by describing the advantages of paying for food with Bitcoin:

  1. It is fast and secure 
  2. It can be anonymous if needed
  3. The fees can be lower 

And what about the disadvantages?

Well, there is just one really. There aren’t too many places to buy food with BTC, you can’t just pop into your regular takeaway place and ask to be charged in Bitcoin (well, most probably). However, merchants who take BTC for food do exist and we will explain this in detail in this article. 

How to buy food with Bitcoin

First of all you need to find who accepts crypto as a form of payment, and BitcoinWide will help you in this case like no one else. Here you can search businesses by…

After you found a place you like you should open their link and shop like you usually do but choose a BTC coin when checking out. That’s it!

A list of businesses where you can buy food with Bitcoin

And now it’s time to share the list of food places where you can buy pizza with Bitcoin or other meals of your preference:


Since a guy bought 2 pizzas with 10000 Bitcoin back in 2010, there has been a lot of speculation and that man became really popular. Food is easy to get with crypto, whether you are looking for Dominos in Czechia or restaurants in Gardner, KS that take Bitcoin. BitcoinWide will help you find a place and the rest is up to you! We hope that this article was useful for you. 

FAQ: How to buy food with BTC

Can I purchase food with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible. A lot of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, takeaway places, and even supermarkets started accepting crypto payments in the last few years. And it’s not just Bitcoin. Check out BitcoinWide to find places that accept crypto coins as a form of payment.

Where can I buy food with Bitcoin?

It is really easy to find places that accept BTC or other cryptos. They usually have a sticker on their website or at their door. Also, you can always check on BitcoinWide which restaurants or supermarkets accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

Can you buy fast food with BTC?

Yes, you can. First of all, you will need to find a place that will take your crypto in exchange for their products, and in this case, BitcoinWide will help you. You can search on the map places next to you or checkout deliveries in your city.

Can I buy pizza with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can do it. A lot of pizza places nowadays accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. If you’d like to find one next to your location check out BitcoinWide as it gathered all the businesses that accept crypto around the world and out on a convenient map. 

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