How to buy a phone with Bitcoin in 2023

iPhones are extremely popular nowadays, and so is crypto. If you want to buy a phone with Bitcoin, today it’s much easier than it used to be in 2010-2020 when the smartphone industry was booming. iPhone x, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and other popular models can be bought with Bitcoin, and in this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such a purchase, how to do it, and give a list of shops that allow such purchases.

Buy a phone with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

First let’s consider the positives:

  1. Lower fees, especially if you buy iPhone with Bitcoin online from abroad
  2. Faster transactions, which can make sense with expensive purchases
  3. Anonymity
  4. Security

What about the negatives then? There are also a few:

  1. Since a cryptocurrency transaction is not a bank transaction, a formal receipt for the purchase will not be provided. Your warranty can be in doubt due to this.
  2. The same holds true if you buy a smartphone with Bitcoin for work-related purposes; you cannot write off the cost as an expense.
  3. Not every store will take cryptocurrency as payment. However, it’s simple to locate those who do on BitcoinWide, and we’ll cover this in more detail in the following chapters.

How to buy a phone with Bitcoin

If you know which stores accept Bitcoin, purchasing a MacBook Pro is easy. The simplest method to handle this is by using BitcoinWide, a global database of companies that take cryptocurrency. You can conduct numerous types of searches on our pages here, including:

After you’ve found and chosen a shop, follow the link of this business and shop as you usually do but choose BTC when checking out. You will be offered an option or several how to pay with BTC.

A list of businesses where you can buy a phone with Bitcoin

Here are some places that definitely accept crypto payments:


In conclusion, buying cell phones with Bitcoin can be a viable option for those who are comfortable using digital currencies and want to use them for everyday purchases. While there may be some challenges and drawbacks to using cryptocurrency for this purpose, the use of cryptocurrency for buying a smartphone can provide numerous benefits. Overall, buying a mobile phone with Bitcoin is the right choice for an individual will depend on their personal preferences and circumstances.

FAQ: How to buy a phone with BTC

Can I buy a cell phone with Bitcoin?

Sure, it is possible to buy a cell phone with BTC or other crypto coins as long as the chosen shop accepts crypto payments. To find such merchants, you can use BitcoinWide, a directory of businesses that accept crypto as a form of payment.

Is it safe to buy a mobile phone with BTC?

It can be safe to buy a mobile phone with BTC if you take the proper precautions, such as purchasing from reputable merchants. You can buy a mobile phone with Bitcoin from a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers that accept cryptocurrency payments and this list can be found on BitcoinWide.

Where can I buy a mobile phone with Bitcoin?

Numerous shops online and offline have the possibility to accept BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), or other popular crypto coins. You can find a complete list of merchants who take crypto here on this site called  BitcoinWide.

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