How to buy shoes with Bitcoin in 2023

Do you have some BTC in your crypto wallet and want to buy shoes with Bitcoin? Easy! 10 years ago or so people only heard of pizza bouts for Bitcoin, but today the situation dramatically changed. Thousands of businesses around the world started accepting payments in crypto for their goods and services, and shoe shops are not an exception. 

In this article, we will explain what are the ups and downs of buying jordans, sneakers, or other brands of shoes for Bitcoin, give an instruction on how to do it exactly and give you a ready list of merchants that will happily take your BTC instead of a bank card.

Buy shoes with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let’s start with what’s good about crypto:

  • Lower fees compared to bank cards issued in another country 
  • Faster payments compared to banks
  • High level of safety
  • Anonymity 

What about the bad things?

  • You can’t claim this purchase as a business expense if you’d like to put it in your books as an entrepreneur
  • It’s not easy to find places that would take your BTC instead of Visa or MasterCard

We want to assure you that the second issue is not an issue at all, as here in this article, you’ll see the list of shops that definitely take BTC as a form of payment.

How to buy shoes with Bitcoin

With BitcoinWide it’s easy. Just choose a merchant on our website, choose a product, check out and choose the Bitcoin option. We can guarantee that every merchant on our list does accept crypto payments. 

To find a seller, you can use 4 different ways on BitcoinWide:

  1. Map search if you need an offline shop in a specific location
  2. Regular bar search where you can put in the name of the brand you’re interested at
  3. By crypto type if you have not a BTC but some other, less popular coin
  4. By category 

A list of businesses where you can buy shoes with Bitcoin

And here is the promised list of merchants who accept BTC payments:


Shoes can be easily bought with Bitcoin or other crypto coins. With the help of BitcoinWide, you can easily find a shop in your area or an online store that would sell you your favorite shoes and take crypto instead of a traditional bank card. Hopefully, we helped you enough. 


Can you buy shoes with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible. On BitcoinWide, you can find a list of merchants, offline and online, who will happily take your Bitcoin instead of a traditional Visa or Mastercard. You just need to choose where you will do your shopping. 

How can I buy a Famous Footwear gift card with BTC?

Yes, you can. These gift cards are not sold everywhere, unfortunately. But here, on BitcoinWide, you can check out the list of stores that do have them and are happy to accept your BTC or other crypto coins instead of traditional payment methods. 

Can I buy sneakers with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible to buy sneakers with BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), or other less popular crypto coins. In order to do this, you’ll need to find an online or offline store that accepts crypto, and the best way to find them is through BitcoinWide. 

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