How to buy a Spotify with Bitcoin in 2023

Wondering how to buy Spotify with Bitcoin? No surprise, this audio platform has gained huge popularity in recent years. It does not directly support cryptocurrencies but there are numerous ways around this. When people are talking about buying Spotify premium with Bitcoin they most probably discuss some loopholes that we will describe in this article, so that you also know. 

Buy Spotify with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let’s begin with discussing whether it’s worth it in the first place. The advantages are the following:

  1. It’s safe to pay with BTC as you do not need to share your card information, set up a direct debit, etc (we all know how difficult it can be to unsubscribe when you need it). 
  2. You can spend your crypto directly without withdrawing it to your bank account. If you are a trader or miner it’s an awesome option. 
  3. The payment is faster and there’s no chance you have to wait a few days because of a bank holiday. Crypto transactions are instant. 

What disadvantages exist then?

Just one really. Not many people know how to buy Spotify with Bitcoin. But we will help you with this. 

How to buy Spotify with a Bitcoin

As we already mentioned, you can’t pay with BTC directly but what you can do is 

buy a Spotify gift card with Bitcoin or other preferred cryptocurrencies. To find places that accept BTC for gift cards, use BitcoinWide. Here you can search businesses that accept crypto on the map, or using categories search, or even search by crypto type.

To use a gift card that you’ve purchased do these steps:

  1. Visit and log in, press the ‘Redeem’ button
  2. Enter the gift card’s back code here. We advise lightly scratching off the PIN cover with a coin or credit card to disclose the code.
  3. Tap Redeem.

You’re good to go!

A list of businesses where you can buy a Spotify with a Bitcoin

Here we will share with you some places where you can purchase gift cards for Spotify:


It isn’t as complicated to make purchases with crypto coins, and Spotify cards is a nice way to buy music with Bitcoin. Hopefully, this article was useful enough and now you know how to spend your crypto earnings on something truly useful. 

FAQ: How to buy a Spotify with BTC

Can I pay Spotify with Bitcoin?

Spotify does not currently support cryptocurrencies, but many companies offer workarounds by enabling you to buy a Spotify gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Find out more in this article.

Can I buy Spotify Gift Card with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. In fact, many companies offer this opportunity to their users. Check out our list of businesses that sell gift cards for Spotify and other services and accept BTC or other crypto coins.

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