How To Sell Stuff For Bitcoin: Helpful Tips

When looking for proven options to sell stuff for Bitcoin (aka BTC), you may come across different issues that are pretty confusing and obscure. First, you need to know why it is advantageous to sell something for bitcoins, how you can do it securely, and what trustworthy services you can use.

That is why we have prepared a detailed article that will answer all these questions. Enjoy it, and stay tuned for more!


  1. Reasons To Sell Stuff For Bitcoin
  2. What Is The Most Secure Way To Sell Stuff For Bitcoins?
  3. Top Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Items For Bitcoin
  4. Tips To Sell Things For Bitcoins Using BitcoinWide
  5. Summing Up
  6. FAQ: About Selling Stuff For BTC

Reasons To Sell Stuff For Bitcoin

There are many ways to get bitcoins, such as getting paid for work in bitcoins, playing p2e games (such as, or selling stuff for bitcoins

We can list a few benefits why Bitcoin is a preferable cryptocurrency for selling and buying things:

  • No banking fees. you do not pay banks when doing Bitcoin transactions, unlike regular fiat currency transactions. Payment service providers may charge rather large fees, while Bitcoin cryptocurrency has no returned deposit fees, overdraft charges, etc. 
  • P2P basis. Users can send and accept payments to each other on a  peer-to-peer basis, meaning that there is no third party or incorporated entity between them — payments are sent directly to the user. Thus, when you are selling things for BTC, you can receive payments faster since it doesn’t require approval from a third party.
  • Pseudonymization. It means that when you are exchanging Bitcoins with other users, your data is anonymous until law enforcement authorities request to deanonymize one of the users. Standard fiat currency transactions require information that identifies both parties, and payments are performed only after verification. Bitcoin transactions can be identified with the help of a blockchain address.  
  • Irreversibility. The last but not the least advantage of Bitcoin lies in its immutability. Third parties cannot amend Bitcoin transactions. In addition, there are no chargebacks for sent Bitcoins, so an external organization can’t interfere in the transaction process. 

What Is The Most Secure Way To Sell Stuff For Bitcoins?

Anyway, we cannot neglect that some fraudulent schemes still remain when people trade online. Therefore, people want to make sure that the Bitcoin transaction process won’t be risky, that sellers won’t lose their money, and that buyers will receive the goods they pay for. 

Escrow Service

That is where an escrow service comes to the rescue. This is a particular service for secure transactions between sellers and buyers. The buyer deposits a specific amount of Bitcoins on an escrow account, and the seller can take them only when the buyer fulfills their obligations. 

Fulfilling all conditions means that the buyer receives an item, inspects it, and then confirms that the item meets their demands. Once it is done, a seller gets Bitcoins. 

Top Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Items For Bitcoin

The next concern you might encounter is what websites provide reputable services on selling something for cryptocurrency. Again, there is a list of top marketplaces to which you can entrust your sale (and buying) process.


Bitify is a Bitcoin P2P marketplace and auction site where users can sell and buy items for BTC. Bitify also acts as an escrow service for secure transactions. Bitify is an Australia-based company, but it provides services worldwide. It has customers in Europe, the USA, South-East Asia, etc. 


BitcoinTalk is a forum that provides lists of different goods and services, and investment products. In addition, the forum has a BitcoinTalk Market subforum where people can find something to buy or sell in Bitcoins. 


BitMarket is a subreddit (a subforum on Reddit) that works similar to a BitcoinTalk Market — users can post things they want to sell or look for other items to buy. However, users must have a 100+ days old account and 100+ combined comment karma.


A Bitcoin marketplace for finding vendors that provide their offerings and sell items. CryptoExchange also gives access to trustworthy escrow services. Buyers can browse items offered on the marketplace and then create an account and add payment information if they plan to buy something. 

Ethair Market

A responsive platform created for everyone who wants to sell, buy and auction items using various payment methods (and cryptocurrency is one of them). It is possible to buy and sell items for fiat currency or Bitcoins, and buyers and sellers receive points as a reward for each deal. Furthermore, Ethair provides its own cryptocurrency token called ETHR. 


Another marketplace where people trade used items and collectibles for cryptocurrency. The platform started as a marketplace where users didn’t need to exchange money, there was an internal system of stored-value credits, and buyers could offer items for auction and then save and spend earned credits for other stuff. In 2018, Listia changed its stored-value system and turned it into an Ethereum blockchain-based platform that uses their own Ink token (XNK), as well as other cryptocurrencies. 

Finally, you can find independent sellers and buyers on social media networks like Facebook or local marketplaces. When buyers are interested in purchasing goods for Bitcoins, you can contact them directly and discuss all the terms. However, don’t forget about escrow services that will prevent you from fraudsters and help you buy or sell your product for cryptocurrency securely. 

Tips To Sell Things For Bitcoins Using BitcoinWide

Also, you can expand your opportunities to sell things, having your business available on BitcoinWide. This is a global and accessible platform to search for companies, organizations, or individuals who sell goods and services for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. 

If your business accepts cryptocurrency, you can get your business listed on BitcoinWide to get more customers. 

What Should You Do To Add Your Business on BitcoinWide?

  1. Visit BitcoinWide

    Click the Add business button on the BitcoinWide website

  2. Fill in the fields

    The business name of your company, phone number, category of your business, link to website, and accept cryptocurrencies

  3. Add the address of your business

  4. Add photos that characterize your business

  5. Done!

Detailed instruction on how to add a business to

Summing Up

When you sell stuff for Bitcoin, you can improve and speed up your business processes, as well as modernize your business’s approach. 

We hope this article was helpful for you, and now you know how and where you can sell items for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

FAQ: About Selling Stuff For BTC

Can You Sell Items On eBay For Bitcoin?

Unfortunately, the sale of virtual currency is prohibited on eBay. The virtual currency policy of eBay indicates that listings for virtual currency are not allowed.

Can I Sell Things On Amazon for Bitcoin?

Currently, Amazon doesn’t allow you to sell your products for cryptocurrency directly. Still, Amazon Marketplace owners who sell their business to Elevate Brands (it holds a portfolio of Amazon-focused consumer products companies) have an option of accepting crypto payments.

Can You Sell Things On Steam For Bitcoin?

Not anymore. It was possible before when Valve provided an opportunity to use Bitcoins as a payment method. However, up to 50% of Bitcoin transactions in Steam were fraudulent, which is why the company’s management decided to remove the availability of BTC payments.

Can I Sell Items On Etsy For Bitcoin?

Etsy doesn’t have an automated system for accepting Bitcoin payments, but it is possible to get crypto payments from customers for a shop. Thus, when customers checkout, they can select the ‘Other’ payment methods, and they can write a note that they would like to pay with Bitcoins. Then, you can accept/send Bitcoins directly, but don’t forget about escrow services.

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