How to buy a virtual number with Bitcoin in 2023 

Are you interested to buy a virtual number with Bitcoin? That’s easy! On this page, we will take a look into what are the ups and downs of this purchase and also explain where to find places that will happily take your crypto instead of a bank card.

Buy a virtual number with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let us start by describing the advantages first. 

  1. It is safe to pay with crypto
  2. Bitcoin is 100% anonymous 
  3. The fees for international payments can be lower
  4. It is faster to transfer crypto than to transfer money through a bank account

What about the disadvantages then?

There is just one. It isn’t easy to find places that accept crypto. But we will hap you with this issue in this article. 

How to buy a virtual number with Bitcoin

Ever wondered how to buy a US number with Bitcoin? You need to begin by finding a place that will accept your crypto in exchange for a phone number you’ll buy with Bitcoin. To help your search you can use a service BitcoinWide – an online directory of businesses that accept crypto payments, sorted by categories, crypto type, etc. You can search on this site by:

After you have found a website you are happy to use, just check out as you usually do but here you will be offered to be charged in crypto. Easy, isn’t it?

A list of businesses where you can buy a virtual number with Bitcoin

Here is the list of verified websites that offer an opportunity to buy phone numbers (particularly US ones) with Bitcoin:


Buying a virtual phone number and paying with Bitcoin is not as complicated. The most important task you have on your way is only to find a place that takes crypto. And BitcoinWide will be the best place to search for it. Hopefully, this article has helped you. 


How do I get a virtual number with Bitcoin?

Buying phone numbers with Bitcoin is easy. The most difficult part is to find a place that accepts crypto as a form of payment. For this, check out BitcoinWide — a website that gathers all the businesses, online and offline, that accept crypto for their goods or services. 

Is it safe to buy a virtual phone number with BTC?

Yes, it is. In fact, buying virtual phone numbers and paying with Bitcoin can be done even in a more secure way compared to bank cards. When paying with crypto you do not share any of your personal information, unlike the bank card numbers that need to be copied to a random website. 

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