Where to Spend Crypto in Arizona

Looking to spend crypto in Arizona? It became quite popular in the last years to store savings in cryptocurrency and make purchases with it. With Phoenix, Glendale and Tuscon at the forefront, Arizona offers a variety of businesses to crypto enthusiasts. Find out how to make the most of your digital assets while enjoying the best of what Arizona state has to offer.

Crypto-friendly businesses in Phoenix, Arizona

Numerous businesses accept cryptocurrency in Arizona these days, especially in its biggest city. Whether you’re enjoying a Pad Thai, looking for Arizona coin exchange or are willing to buy car accessories, you have it all! Phoenix city is introduced on BitcoinWide with these businesses:

Where to spend crypto in Glendale, AZ

Cafes and restaurants are quite famous here for accepting digital assets, but it’s not just that. Take a look at what we, at BitcoinWide, chose for you in Glendale:

Which one would you pick?

Cryptocurrency in Tuscon: From restaurants to hydroponic stores

Tuscon city is surprisingly famous for Bitcoin ATMs, probably even the highest in the US. A real trading paradise! Apart from that, there are quite a lot of Chinese restaurants and takeaways. Here is our pick:

By the way, did you know that there are more than 8000 businesses accepting crypto coins on BitcoinWide? You can search them on a map, by category or even by crypto type. Check it out, it’s easy! 

FAQ: Where to Spend Crypto in Arizona

What is Arizona crypto tax?

In Arizona, a recent law introduces distinct approaches to state and federal income taxes. Beginning in 2023, Arizona residents are exempt from state taxes on the value of any cryptocurrency airdrop they receive. However, at the federal level, the recipient is subject to ordinary income taxation for the same value.

Why is the Arizona blockchain a thing?

In recent years we can see a significant growth in the number of blockchain companies in Arizona. The state has gained prominence in the crypto and blockchain space due to its favourable regulatory environment, tech-savvy population, and initiatives supporting innovation. The state’s Arizona crypto willingness to explore and implement blockchain technology has attracted attention from businesses and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

Can you spend crypto in Arizona?

Yes, Arizona has evolved into a digital asset hotspot where you can spend your digital currency on various purchases and services. From cafes to co-working spaces, luxury boutiques to real estate transactions, the city offers numerous opportunities to utilise cryptocurrencies for everyday life

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