Who Accepts Crypto in the UK

UK crypto is not a myth! The United Kingdom has rapidly emerged as a cryptocurrency hub, riding the wave of innovation and fostering a dynamic blockchain ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the UK’s crypto landscape, highlighting businesses in major cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham that accept cryptocurrencies for various goods and services. From delicious dining experiences to unique shopping opportunities and professional services, the country is embracing the digital currency UK revolution.

Crypto-friendly food places in the UK 

Great Britain’s culinary scene is getting a crypto makeover with an array of food establishments now accepting digital currencies. From Chinese cuisine to the cosy cafes at and mouth watering Mexican treats, you can satisfy your cravings while exploring the world of cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re in London, Manchester, or Birmingham, these restaurants offer a delectable fusion of flavours and payment options.

Check out more places on the BitcoinWide map where you can pay with electronic money!

UK crypto: All the stores you can imagine

When it comes to shopping with cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom, you’re spoiled for choice. Discover stylish clothing and accessories, pamper your pets with goodies, or explore the world of art. Enjoy health and wellness products, trendy handbags, or even cannabis-related items. Additionally, environmentally conscious shoppers can opt for sustainable products, all available for purchase with crypto.

BitcoinWide has 8,500 +digital asset accepting establishments in the UK and all around the world!

Cryptocurrency in the UK: Services to each taste!

In the realm of services, the United Kingdom stands as a crypto-savvy hub, fostering a culture of innovation and financial technology. Whether you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency in the UK, securely buy cryptocurrency in the UK, or leverage blockchain for various financial services, the UK offers a wealth of options. With a growing number of UK cryptocurrency exchanges, investing in cryptocurrency in the UK has never been easier or more accessible. 

Additionally, a range of financial and tech services providers cater to those eager to dive into the world of digital assets, making it simple to buy cryptocurrency in the UK and explore the future of finance. Here is our pick:

You can also search these places on a BitcoinWide map, by category or by crypto coin, such as the most popular BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum), but also less popular options such as MATIC (Polygon), USD Coin (USDC), Stellar (XML), Dai (DAI), Zcash (ZEC), etc.


Is cryptocurrency legal in the UK?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are legal in the United Kingdom. The UK’s regulatory approach involves treating cryptocurrencies as property, making them subject to capital gains tax.

What are crypto taxes in the UK?

In the UK, cryptocurrency taxes are applied as capital gains tax when selling cryptocurrencies. However, tax implications can vary depending on individual circumstances, so it’s advisable to consult with a tax professional.

What is the best way to buy crypto in the UK?

The best way to buy cryptocurrencies in the UK is through reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. These platforms offer a wide range of digital assets and provide a secure environment for trading and investment.

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