What is BitcoinWide: Detailed Review, Achievements, and Dynamics

BitcoinWide is the world’s famous business directory where you can find offline and online companies and organizations that accept crypto.

As the number of crypto users grows every year, businesses start accepting crypto as a form of payment worldwide. It is quite a positive trend that is comfortable for buyers and beneficial for business owners at the same time. 

The trickiest thing about paying in crypto has always been finding who would accept it. This is precisely where BitcoinWide comes into play — a service that connects buyers and sellers who’d like to make transactions in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What is BitcoinWide and how does it work? 

BitcoinWide is a global, open, and free platform to search for businesses, organizations, or individuals who accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Anyone who accepts cryptocurrency may present themselves globally and confirm their authenticity through BitcoinWide’s platform to improve their reputation by creating a profile.At the moment, the BitcoinWide platform is free for both users and businesses. However, there’s a premium plan available for business owners that allows them to get their business listed in ‘Featured’ blocks and get more leads.

Also, BitcoinWide has a block “Best Exchange Rates” where users can see the actual crypto exchange rates on different exchange services and compare them so that they can choose the best rate and check the minimum amount requirements for their transaction.

The value of BitcoinWide for business 

There are several advantages for businesses who get themselves listed on BitcoinWide. 

More customers

The first one is that businesses get more attention from potential buyers, thus, more leads. You’d be surprised how many people in the world would like to buy things with crypto. According to different sources, there are nearly 300 million crypto users in the world. All of them may be potential clients if they knew businesses that accept crypto payments. By listing your business on BitcoinWide you let those people know that your business exists and they can cooperate with you and spend their crypto. 

Brand awareness

Another big advantage is getting better brand awareness. Even if potential clients do not buy from you immediately, they’ll keep in mind that there’s such a business in their area and it does accept crypto. Next time their friends or colleagues are wondering where to spend crypto, this person might mention your business. And word of mouth works great in the crypto world. This leads, again, to more customers. 


BitcoinWide has a collection of stickers for businesses that accept crypto as a form of payment. By putting a sticker on a website, business owners let customers know that they are open to crypto payments. Stickers are free for everyone, even for those who are not listed on BitcoinWide.

BitcoinWide Stickers

The value of BitcoinWide for users

Not only can business owners benefit from BitcoinWide, but also customers. All the advantages of using crypto as a payment method (lower fees, fast transactions, anonymity, etc.) do not make sense if it’s impossible to find anywhere to spend it. BitcoinWide is a great tool for solving this issue. 

Crypto-friendly businesses by category

Users can easily find a place they need in a specific category, for example, restaurants, hotels, web hosting, etc. Also, all the information about businesses who accept crypto is available on BitcoinWide, such as the company’s website, location, phone number, what crypto coins they accept, etc. 

Clear map of crypto-friendly offline merchants

Unfortunately, when it comes to offline retail stores, there are not many places where crypto is acceptable (yet). Without BitcoinWide, crypto owners spend hours googling where they can spend their digital assets. BitcoinWide makes it possible to find these places on the map or in desired cities or countries. No more pointless wandering around, all available spots where crypto is accepted are gathered in one place.

BitcoinWide map NY

Achievements and insights of BitcoinWide 

BitcoinWide is a small company with less than 30 employees that started as a non-profit project. The idea to create an instrument was born in 2016, when one Ukrainian guy wanted to buy a ticket from Thailand to Singapore, but his bank card had a limit on spending money online. Fixing this limit was a nightmare, as it required numerous expensive phone calls abroad, verifications and confirmations, and hours of waiting. Because the situation was urgent, he decided to see whether he could buy a ticket with crypto. He was sure that there is a website where you can find services that accept digital currency payments, but, to his surprise, it didn’t exist. 

Shortly after this situation, the guy started thinking about his own project and today he is the CEO of BitcoinWide. Currently, there are more than 6700 businesses listed on the platform and this number is growing exponentially. 

Up till February 2022, BitcoinWide was based in Ukraine, Kharkiv. When Russia started the war against Ukraine, the office was spread around Ukraine and Europe, as employees had to move to safer places. These days the company continues working online and moving its mission forward, which is to connect businesses that accept crypto with customers worldwide. BitcoinWide has a donation page, so you can support the team and volunteers during these difficult times. 

What to expect 

BitcoinWide’s big mission is to make the world more crypto-friendly. As a part of this mission, the company is also working on a project called Cuberium – a metaverse that gives almost unlimited space for ideas and their implementation in terms of business relations. Cuberium is going to break the barriers, and give new opportunities to businesses of any scale or niche, as well as giving them the way to WEB 3.0 world.

Some cryptocurrencies that are listed on BitcoinWide and related businesses:

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